Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Being Grateful

Give time to time.... What a strange saying? As a youngster mom would say these words whenever we felt frustrated by the slowness of time or events. I admit, though that back then, I really didn't get this bizarre statement .... what does it mean? As with most things parent's teach us, only as you get older and wiser do you begin to see and understand the wisdom.

So I have to say that only now in my 40's do I truly get the message.... essentially it's no good pushing things, it's no good forcing things and wishing and whining, it's no good demanding and throwing your toys.

Everything happens or comes about when it is meant to, and in the way it's meant to. The negative aspect of this, of course is that whilst you are feeling despondent about things not happening quickly enough, often enough, at all, or whatever...... is that time goes by and we are focused on all the wrong things! We certainly are not present in our lives and events and most definitely are not displaying gratitude for the good and great things we do have in our life - let's face it, even in the worst of circumstances, there is something to be thankful for.

Life is of course, a quandary (to me anyway) ..... the more I learn, the less I seem to know ... but I do know this:

  • Where you are is where you are meant to be.

  • You can only control yourself, your thoughts and actions and nobody else's,

  • Be grateful for everything you have whether it's the roof over your head, the car you drive (even if it's old), the food and clothes you have, your health, your friends, your family, even your eyes, ears, legs, you ability to question, your ability to learn, your ability to explore ...... the list is endless and let's face it, what we are grateful for today may differ tomorrow and from person to person. That's okay, no-one is measuring or judging.

As a very good friend of mine put it: "sometimes time just takes toooo long" .... indeed! But, instead of pondering when "such and such" is going to happen" or why such and such hasn't happened, just remember to be grateful and live life well ... be in the moment and treat your loved ones, be they friends or family, well, treat everything as a great experience, even if it's something you definitely won't do again. After all as the great George Carlin (comedian) put it :

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

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