Sunday, May 24, 2009

Above all stay FOCUSed

Another interesting lesson learnt today that I thought was worth sharing….. Last week we attended an auction, confident that our bid would be successful we were disappointed when a “loose cannon type” decided to outbid well over the worth of the item. Today we attended the same auction, a little calmer, a little less emotional, more composed and certainly with the reality of - if it’s ours, it’s ours, if not, that’s okay, in mind. But, as time sped up to the start of the auction, and the crowd got busier and noisier and more frenetic, the more reserved I was feeling about the matter at hand.

Long story short, we bid, we won – so what is the point of my ramble? It’s this.....effectively I was already protecting myself against disappointment, too many people, greater likelihood of another “loose canon” episode. But soon enough I realised that like my friend the camera, in order to take a good pic, you need patience, time, discipline and you need to be focused on what you are taking and ensure that the camera itself is in perfect focus, without which the shot is either blurred or unattractive.

So always give it your best shot, no matter how anxious or despondent you feel, no matter how negative people around you, can be - stay focused on your goal - whether it’s your destiny to win, achieve or whatever, that day, that week, that month, or not!

Timing is everything and things are not always as they seem!

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