Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Can mowing the lawn teach you anything?

Well, I'm sure it can, but since I've never personally mowed the lawn, I can't really speak from experience. But here's someone who has both the experience and an interesting perspective and story to tell on this. Randy Wedin is a chemist and a blogger. He has publsihed a number of articles but this one appeals to me immensely.

Herewith an excerpt:

If left to my own devices, I would have mowed the lawn in an
ever-decreasing spiral starting with the outside edges. That’s the way I’d seen
others mow their lawns. It would have been more efficient, perhaps. But it would
not have been pleasing to the eye, and it would not have showed the world that I
took care and pride in my job.

Maybe I really had completed a
rite of passage. I had just learned, through a simple yet somehow significant
experience, one of the lessons of life that my father believed important.
Although he never spoke these words directly, I got his message, loud and clear:

Every day we make choices and take action. Some choices seem
big; others seem small. But in one sense, they’re all big. We can act with care,
pride and planning, or we can just do it the way nearly everybody else does.

A simple piece of wisdom! You can read the whole article clicking here :

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