Thursday, July 30, 2009

South Africa in Pictures: Melville Koppies Central, South Africa

Another shot at Melville Koppies, this time the central koppies which are only open to the public on guided tours. This is an exquisite piece of nature, in effect a nature reserve huddled in the midst of a built up city. For info on the koppies click here If you are in Jhb, it's certainly worth the effort to go on one of the guided walks.


Emm said...

What a lovely blog!

Emm said...

I can't believe that in all my time in Johannesburg, I never took that guided tour. It is lovely to see the unmistakeably African grassland. I had to remind myself that it is winter there - the grass is all yellow.

Sandra G said...

Olá Geninha,

Que terra linda, Africa do Sul.
Obrigado pelo comentário.


Gena said...

Tems de vir ca um dia!!

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