Tuesday, October 20, 2009

5 Things I cannot (could not?) live without

I was thinking recently, if in an absolute worst case scenario, what could I absolutely not live without, what would make the world of difference to me and my "wellbeing" as it were. Being Libran, I've already worked out that under varying hypothetical circumstances, some things would be of greater value than others ... anyway, this is what came to mind .....

1. Coffee - I function just that much slower without the good stuff!!
2. A bottle of water - with me at all times

3. My Camera - as if that would be an option?!

4. Comfortable shoes (of course, here we are assuming that I already have in my possession a few comfortable clothing items!? hehe!)

5. Lip balm/ gloss/ lipstick

So what would you not be able to do without?


apieceofwood said...

Would agree with most of those. Thou I'd be lost withou my phone and my hand cream. Great blog.

Gena said...

Yeah I agree with you ... Thx for the feedback! G

Emm said...

Another one! Yay!

My iPod, tissues, a book to read, my Transport for London Gold Card (for travel between home and London for a year) and my camera!

Gena said...

Nice Emm - thanks for the contribution!

ShugrBrown said...

I really like the pearls in the cup...very fav item on the list has to be the lip must stay 'poppin' at all times! lol

and WOW!!! you're one awesome photographer! ...classic artwork =)

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