Tuesday, February 9, 2010

{Echo} 7: Whisper

This is the seventh "chapter" of the Echo (Word) Challenge which
 Susan Tuttle of Ilka's Attic (blog)
and her friend Chrysti of Art by Chrysti
have been running for a number of months now. 
They put out a WORD prompt (twice a month), and the key is to interpret the
word  through the camera lens, the current word prompt is WHISPER.  
As with most word prompts, especially the more "abstract ones" the mind runs
 amock with ideas!!!     My initial thoughts were - a flowing river, trees swaying in
 the breeze, snowy scenes (which for me would be VERY difficult!!),
a literal whisper(mouth to ear)...
I eventually settled on a misty morning - mainly because to catch mist you have to
 get  up very early - when all is still, no noise, no wind, just the odd bird ..... and maybe
 the whisper of a gentle breeze.
For the second image, I decided on a "fragile" looking flower/ plant - the flowers buds
 of the nandina (Sacred Bamboo) - which are small and delicate - they are there,
just  there, not too obivous, preparing for the berries that  come in autumn.
  By it's very nature the Sacred Bamboo (as it's commonly known) is also a very
 serene, calm plant which fits the prompt of Whisper perfectly.
a misty Saturday morning - everything is very quiet, very still ....
the tiny, almost fragile, nandina flower buds
- you will also find info on other participants and previous word prompts.
To view all my Echo Challenge submissions (which were previously posted
 on one of my other blogs, Vintage Rose Studio), click here
 I've decided to move the challenge to Thinking Aloud, since after all
this is where my photography and creative images are - a fitting place
 to display them.

Image(s) All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2010 Gena D Images for thinking aloud


Susan Tuttle said...

just amazing!!! Thank you for participating:)

Alyice Edrich said...

Lovely photos, I love the part about the mist and quietness, that is so true! I think that is one reason why I love the mountains so much.

Jack said...

I found an article that cleared up a lot of my unaswered questions about LOST. Read this and let me know what you think?

Loved the photos. Can't blame the girlies for not lovin' strawberries and cream... mmmmm!

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