Thursday, November 18, 2010

Country Farm Scenes

 I cannot believe how many posts I've managed to get out of this one single country trip!  
Okay granted it was a whole weekend, but in essence this indicates what a diverese 
and truly beautiful part of the country this is (Mpumalanga, South Africa).     We were in 
Chrissiesmeer in particular, on this trip, and there alone, we had a wonderful guest farm
to enjoy, numerous lakes, endless landscapes, original stone homes (see yesterdays' 
post), and so much more .....
I was reading today's post of Nature's Notes (Michelle's blog - Rambling Woods) and 
thought how, somehow photography has the ability to open up our eyes, to really see,
even when the weather is dismal, or we are in the less appealing (to most) seasons,
such as winter.   So in a way Michele's message echo's my thoughts, that yes, some 
places are pretty, some places or seasons have loads to photograph, but in reality you
 just need to look and really see to find that there is something beautiful, something 
interesting, just about everywhere you look - you just have to see it....
 This selection of images is from the Florence guest farm itself.  

Image(s) All Rights Reserved 
Copyright 2010 Gena D Images and {Gena D Photography}  for thinking aloud


Emm said...

Oh wow. I lvoe the crumbling stone walls juxtaposed against the tin roof. Love setting and lovely photos!

Rambling Woods said...

I really love the fence post with the wire around it. So common place yet probably overlooked with the horses and other scenery...beautiful. I can't add your photos to the Nature Notes collage as your photos are right-click protected which is probably a really smart thing to do...

Firefly said...

Another set of beautiful shots. I specially like the one with the boulders in the foreground.

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