Friday, April 9, 2010

The Pinnacle

a view of the Pinnacle offset against a crisp blue summer sky
 Mpumalanga Province South Africa
click on links for more info on the Pinnacle and the area
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Colin Campbell said...

Lovely shot. I will have to search where this is.

Janet said...

We do live in a beautiful country, don't we?

Ralph said...

The wonderful rock on the earth has a rugged beauty. It sits under a calm blue sky. Everything has a beauty all its own, here it is lovely, nature's artistry on view for all to see!

BLOGitse said...

Hi there!
I'm in LATSOF again...
Do you live near that beautiful area?
Breathtaking view!


Regina said...

Magnificent view and gorgeous sky!
Happy weekend.


Bruce Caspersonn said...

That's MY kind of place.

Race said...

what a magnificent view you have there! such lovely blue sky and everything in it! great capture!

J Bar said...

That's beautiful.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

siromade08 said...

That's an amazing overlooking view. Beautiful shot.

ayamlin said...

I've never seen such a spectacular view!
Thank you for sharing us!

Firefly said...

Tis is a stunning spot with a breathtaking view

Kcalpesh said...

That's really a stunning and breathtaking view! Thanks for sharing!

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