Thursday, April 8, 2010


the lavender coloured flower spikes of the Salvia (one of the Sage varieties)
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Angie said...

Such a good shot! My sage hasn't got flowers at the moment.

Janet said...

So pretty! Almost remind me of a caterpillar (a pretty one!) waving its head, taking in the warm smells!

Jientje said...

That beautiful shade of green provides just the right contrast. Beautiful!

chasity said...

wow...i'm not sure i would have recognized it as salvia that close up.
what an interesting shape it has!
great photo.

Kiki said...

Super has an enchanting feel to lovely!

Firefly said...

Fantastic closeup. You got the detail just right

Carolyn Ford said...

Wow Gena! That is beautiful...what amazing light and the macro is superb!

Suzi Smith said...

This is gorgeous!

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