Thursday, April 1, 2010

Signs of Pilgrims Rest

Images of some of the vintage and historical signs at Pilgrims Rest
- a living museum mining village in Mpumalanga. 
It's the original mining town of the region and is still a beautiful place to visit.  
For those interested, it's close enough to Mac Mac Falls (see post below), God's Window and even the Kruger National Park - for more info on the town, here is a link.
 I hope to be posting more of the gorgeous and quirky signs over the weeks to come.
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Firefly said...

Another place I've never been. Intereseting how you and Joan both posted on Pilgrim's Rest today.

chasity said...

great signage....
love the colors of the first two~

ilovepink1078 said...

very stunning and strong signage.honestly I like the design (metal).


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Hello Gena. It was quite funny as I noticed your blog on Jonkers blog to and came ove to look at it but did not leave a comment, then you came over to mine. :)

It seems that we were both visting this area round about the same time. As you might have gathered, Gaelyn from Gepgypsy was here and I took her to all the Sabi/Graskop area and then a week in Kruger, on down the coast as far as Durban, then inland to the Drakensberg. It was a great trip but as I had been there before, I let her take most of the pictures.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I forgot to add that I like the pictures you have on your blog. I also find all aspects of nature to be fascinating and take pictures wherever I go. Isn't this a wonderful country we live in with so much beauty surrounding it?

Gena D said...

Hi Joan
thanks for popping in .... yeah I sure love the beauty of this country!!!!
We were in Mpumalanga towards end of December, and becasue I am always onthe go with my camera hadn't gotten to post many of those images... so am now going through them. Am dying to go back though - soon I think!?

I'm based in Johannesburg - Where are you based?
Gena @ Thinking Aloud

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