Monday, October 26, 2009

South Africa in Pictures: Old Church, Heidelberg

The Old Stone Church in Heidelberg, South Africa
Great accomodation at Hayani - click on link


Tinsie said...

This church looks like it could be in Heidelberg, Germany. Amazing!

Gena said...

Seems our world in 'smaller" than we think, hey?! Actually if I recall, Heidelberg in South Asrica was named after the German Heildeberg, but cannot recall the detail .... thanks for visiting!

Emm said...

That is so beautiful! I never knew Heidelberg had such a beautiful thing! My brother went to school there but all we sued to do was rush off to school on his Saturday afternoons out!

Gena said...

It's actually such a beautiful old "town" lots of historical stuff there and lovely old homes and buildings, still very well preserved (mostly!). Great hiking grounds and accomodation too!

Emm said...

Speaking of hiking - it is incredible - I never used to walk in South Africa! I would drive to Sandton City from two streets away and spend half my lunch hour trying to find parking!!! I walk 50 minutes a day now!

Gena said...

Sooo true, we drive everywhere - crazy! I recently spent 3 weeks in Portugal (seeing family etc.) and we walked so much, I came back 3kgs lighter!!!!! Anyway believe you are considering going to Portugal - you'll enjoy it! (altho Italy is gorgeous too!) R u on f/book? link up with me, I have photo albums of our recent tip on there ... AND hava great friend who is CRAZY 'bout Italy (she's been twice this year alone), will link you up with her! G
Facebook link: of look up Gena Orfali.

Emm said...

Yes, that's right! I've wanted to go to Italy since seeing Enchanted April in the early 90's but Portugal might just work out easier!

I sent you a request on Facebook!

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