Friday, April 23, 2010

Where the sea ends and the sky starts ....

I took this picture whilst at the coast in March.....
The weather was changing from a warm day into a grey and
blustery afternoon, as can be seen by the whispy cloud formations.
What I love about this image is how the sea an sky seem to mimic
one another and how similar the colouring is, so much so that
 at first glance it appears that you cannot distinguish
where the sea "ends" and the sky starts ....
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Greyscale Territory said...

Tumbling water and sky together create a beautiful seascape! Lovely photo!

Janet said...

Almost can't tell the beginning or the end! Beautifully captured!

chasity said...

it's captivating~
i can almost hear the waves crashing.


Kristin said...

Wow... it's so moving...meaningful photo. said...

the nature is a miracle of the life


eileeninmd said...

Awesome shot of the ocean and sky! Well done! Happy skywatching!

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