Monday, August 16, 2010

Agapanthus Seedhead

For those of us who know the agapanthus flower, we normally associate it with a
vibrant tall spike of purpley blue flowers, or occassionally white also.  
But today I grace you with the remains of the agapanthus flower head... the last
few seed pods and seeds (black bits) of the season.  
I'm a bit of a sucker for abstract forms in nature, I find the shape, texture
 and colour of seedheads/ seed pods, truly fascinating....  
I also attempted to play around with exposure on this image - above is a
slightly underexposed version, whilst below is the slightly over exposed
version - which to you prefer?
Image(s) All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2010 Gena D Images for thinking aloud


Firefly said...

Great perspective in looking at such a commen flower. I'm not sure which one I prefer more. I like the light look, but the dark one has a certain something.

Kala said...

I prefer the first version - love the light and tones.

tossan® said...

I am a mere visitor to Brazil who admires the visit and your great photos.

Hannalee said...

Wow, stunning image! I prefer the underexposed version - more dramatic.

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