Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Arched Walkway

The wonderfully arched walkway at the Terreiro do Paco buildings in Lisbon
showing part of the fine architectural detail of that era.

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Perry said...

Great architecture there! Really like the repeating arcs drawing me down the breezeway/hall. I keep looking for what is at the other end. Very cool. Here is my entry.

Gunsside said...

Great sepia photo
Lovely building and the image is very nice ;)

Annie said...

I like the off kilter angle of the photo. It's actually draws attention to the windows at the top that seem so out of tune with the gentle curves of the building.

Firefly said...

Great picture. Taking this at an angle gives it a totally different pespective.

Linnea W said...

Love the perspective you shot this at. Fabulous architectural details. I wish we could find more walkways like this around my neighborhood! Enjoy the day.

Sar@h said...

Nice perspective, I like the light contrast.

jeff campbell said...

Great capture...lovely lighting and contrast...Peace

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