Monday, August 23, 2010

St Nicholas

I came across this little church quite by accident!     Don't you
 just love when that happens???   
Whilst on one of my jaunts yesterday ... I got slightly 'lost" and came
 across this dear with church in one of the oldest suburbs of
Johannesburg, Brixton.  St Nicholas Greek orthodox church, in
typical blue and white design, dome and all
(see last image below in case you can't see it above). 
What is fascinating is that unlike most churches it occupies a very
small place, literally sandwiched between a number of private homes.

And true to orthodox church style, there will always be
intricate mosaic work somewhere, this one is no exception -

how gorgeous is the detail and colour?!?!?!
and below a clearer view of the dome...

I wax lyrical about my love of photography, if for no other reason,
than the joy of finding wayout places, at times on the road less travelled,
 finding things which are truly magnificent, appreciating the small details,
which I (we) would normally miss ....
Anyway back to work now .... as you were!
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Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Gena Sweetie...
What a gorgeous share this beautiful Monday morning. Oh how happy I am that you came across this beautiful little church. I love the white with the blue roof, and the simple cross up top, does not take away from the beauty of the tilework. Oh how gorgeous it is. Just shining like a star for all to see. I love the bell tower.

I am so grateful you ended up a little lost and sidetracked on this trip. I do so love this share.

Many hugs sweet friend, Sherry

Firefly said...

I always love discovering places like this.

Caroline said...

What a wonderful glimpse into your world. Thanks!

Julie said...

That is an engrossing mosaic, that looks as though it has been put together with much love and time and effort. It complements the simplicity of the church. A lovely thing to find on your 'accidental' jaunt.

Arija said...

Nice little find indeed. We just love churches.

Marites said...

Such a nice serendipity thing for you! The mosaic is really beautiful!

Shey said...

What an adventure! You got the bonus of finding this charming church. Good for you. :)

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