Friday, September 3, 2010

Wisteria Dilemma

For some reason I battle to capture a decent image of Wisteria.  I deleted most images
from  last year and don't think I have used one pic to date.   This year, no real
satisfaction, so far, no "aha" moment yet ....
I'm not sure if it's the detail (too much) of the hanging flower, or the fact that they come
out in Spring at that time when the wind is still around, making it difficult to capture
perfectly.     Anyway, I managed this shot yesterday and have "played" around with
exposure to make it less dark, and hopefully show up more detail in the process ....  
I love the simplicity of it, but am still not 100% convinced that this is it, so have picked
a branch, which I can now manipulate and am going to try a few other captures,
let's see what that brings!?

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Kala said...

Gorgeous light and tones. You've done a wonderful job with this image!

Firefly said...

Perhaps the background is a bit too light for the lite pink flowers. They would show up beautifully against a darker background. *just saying, nothing meant*

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