Sunday, October 24, 2010

More Scenes from Florence Guest Farm

The last few posts have been my attempt at catch up ....
These are photographs captured in mid May this year (Autumn time in South Africa)
during our visit to Chrissiesmeer and Florence Guest Farm
These few are more of the late afternoon scenes on the farm:
 above, a farm worker on his way home, below, the cow, also on her way to the
sheds and finally a gorgeous African sunset!

Refer to preceding posts for more on Chrissiesmeer and Florence Guest Farm

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Janet said...

There is something so incredibly beautiful about an African sunset! So perfectly captured Gena!

Firefly said...

There is so much to photograph when visiting a farm, specially for us city slickers. You may be catching up on posts, I feel like I am running out of pics to post. I really need to get out there and see new places more often.

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