Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In honour of a great old building

 I decided to go with architecture today and creative digital manipulation, so the first 
three images are all the same, just different effects.    

These are some of the photographs I've taken of the facade of the old Post Office 
Building in Johannesburg.  It has a very interesting history - built in the late 1800's 

and situated in the first market square of the then up and coming city.   It's built in 
various architectural styles and has had some structural changes through the years, 
including the change from bell tower to clock tower (see images below).   
It was declared a national monument in 1978 and continued to be used as the Post 
office up until 1996.   The idea was to restore the building and continue to put it to 
good use.   Sadly it remained empty and was subjected to extensive vandalism.  
Then about a year ago it burnt down and it's future still remains inconclusive.
 the same image - 3 different creative effects .....
a view of the building whilst awaiting restoration - late 2008
and here - detail of the clock tower after the devastating fire of late 2009.

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Copyright 2010 Gena D Images and {Gena D Photography} for thinking aloud


Greyscale Territory said...

Each photo enhances another dimension of the intricate beauty of this grand old building! Delightful series of photos!

Rebecca said...

A sad story for a beautiful building! I hope somebody spreads some love its way.

Dianne said...

each of your photos is lovely
I especially like the vignette effect of the top shot - subtle softness for a fine old building

EG Wow said...

How sad about that grand old building! Your photos of it are wonderful, though,

Firefly said...

Its sad that this beautiful building is standing there so neglected. We unfortunately have a couple like this as well.

Rose said...

I love the third photo of the old post office and the clock face is absolutely beautiful. Well done, wonderful manipulation:)))

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