Monday, July 20, 2009

The Orient, South Africa

South Africa is nothing if not diverse ... we have diversity in every possible form - from language, to colour, to culture to numerous influences, you name it , it's here. I guess most countries that have had an influence of other cultures through the years or in some cases, centuries, will encounter this phenomenon to some extent. Of course, today with the advent of easy travel, access to mounds of information via the Internet, the influences on a a developing culture or society can be huge.

This is a topic I want to explore in greater depth with time, but right now, my reason for approaching this topic today, is really that I was watching an insert in a (TV) magazine program recently, where the shoot had taken place at a boutique hotel in South Africa, called the Orient - see, there you go - the Orient in Southern Africa?! and to make matters more interesting, the design of the Orient is definitely not remotely local or even traditional in design, but influenced by North African architecture, in particular Morocco. Nevertheless, here we have this amazingly exotic, high class structure set in the middle of our countryside, in the Crocodile River Valley - just take a look at the pics and click on the link below for more information and photographs of this fascinating place - which caters for conferences, is an ideal place for that exotic wedding or even a romantic getaway ......

I recommend you visit their website for more information and other amazing pictures. The Orient


SP said...

Ciao gina, you photos are so beautiful and romantic, that sun, like an orange. It smells like an orange too. Nice, I found your blog and now when I will see some beautiful pictures I will come to you to take insipiration for my book. Ciao Italo. Have a nice day.

Gena said...

Hello SP - is your name Italo? come stai????

thanks so much for the lovely feedback! hope to see you back soon!!!

thinking aloud
PS. say hello to bella italia for me !!!

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