Wednesday, July 8, 2009

South Africa in Pictures: National Botanical Gardens

A family on a Sunday afternoon stroll through the National Botanical Garden (also known as the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens) in Roodepoort, South Africa.

It's a vast "garden" set amongst cliffs, a waterfall, masses of indigenous flora, partly landscaped gardens, picnic areas, a wondereful restaurant (Eagles Fayre) and it's also the venue of the Sappi Concerts in South Africa's Autumn and Winter months, amongst other numerous events throughout the year.
You can also do the JCI Geological Hike through the surrounding mountains, but be warned it's a tougher and longer walk than it looks, so go prepared with proper walking shoes, suncream and water. For more info on the Garden, click here

Picture: Gena D Photography

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Mark Benson said...

The botanical gardens South Africa are simply beautiful to see and a wonder to be at. You just have to be in the country if you arent there as yet. Find flights to South Africa and fly to this African lavishness that will leave you excited.

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