Thursday, July 9, 2009

A list of things that make me happy 1.

I recently read an article on the things that make, or that people perceive to make them happy, and got to wondering, if I could compile a list of my own. Evidently it would never be comprehensive and neither would it be conclusive, since after all we change constantly, and I am sure that there are many things yet uncovered, which I will only with time come to realise what they mean to me.

That said, in an effort to put some ideas down, here goes....
  • the smell of rain (especially after a hot, dry spell)
  • a good cup of coffee (without which I don't think I'd function very well)
  • a great home cooked meal, like goulash, for example
  • good company - normally a good friend with whom I can share almost everything
  • a good (dare I say it, South African) red wine
  • sitting in front of a crackling fire
  • listening to animated '"story teller" (you know the type that can tell stories with just the right words, level of emotion and thought ......that are just by nature very entertaining)
  • good music (and this can vary substantially depending on the time, the event etc. -see my previous post on music .....
  • a great unputdownable book
  • a great discussion or debate
  • laughter (and someone who makes me laugh)
  • making someone smile!
  • stargazing
  • wonderful fabric!!! (my weakness!!!!)
  • rich autumn colours
  • the smell of popcorn
  • a great (entertaining) movie
  • vast open spaces
  • my camera (how could I forget!!!!) see link to My Photography
  • being able to make a difference (in whatever form)
  • being surrounded by good friends
  • sharing a meal
  • the smell of baking bread
  • the smell of jasmine in spring
  • a bunch of roses
  • the sound of running water (i.e. a river, or water feature)
  • being part of a family
  • spring!!!

I'm going to stop here, leave the rest for another time ....... What an interesting exercise to do and it wasn't as "brain wracking" as I thought it would be. Like the question - "what are your positive traits?" - one normally has to think about it, yet when you get going, it's amazing what you can come up with!!!

Try it, it's a great exercise in getting to know yourself, and if nothing else, at least we are reminded of all the things that we take for granted or simply forget about and that in effect we should be grateful for!

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Picture: Gena D Photography taken at National Botanical Gardens, South Africa


solsticehome said...

hi gena
thank you for your comment on beack rock projects..hope to try it myself this summer.
i love this post of yours..i feel i now know you a little ..will have to try it myself.

MKL said...

Wow... you have a lot of passions. I think we could enjoy a nice coffee together and have some great discussion :) I love this combination :)

Gena said...

Thanks so much for the feedback, really appreciate it! and so glad you found it an interesting read! It is a fun thing to do and as you get going you can think of dozens and dozens of things that make you happy ....... look forward to your version sometime!?!
Take care, have great weekend!

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