Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Boredom and frustration can represent impending change! Really!

There are times when no matter how good things are, how comfortable we are, how much things are just going along .... quietly and happily, we arrive at a point of discontent, disharmony, frustration even, or boredom if you will. More often than not, not making any sense at all!

It always appear strange to see people hit a phase like this in their lives, since it seems out of place - after all, what right do we, any of us, have to be unhappy, bored or frustrated when you have all your basic needs met?!

This got me thinking, that surely as long as moments like this are real and with the awareness that we (generally) have lots to be grateful for... is being bored and / or frustrated with the status quo, such a bad thing? Is it being negative? or even necessarily destructive?

I remember listening to a CD by Anthony Robbins where he expressed that frustration is a good thing, because until you reach this point, you are not driven to take note, to face facts, to ask what is going on, to determine what can be changed, what needs to be changed, to... well, in effect, make changes.
So, I am of the opinion that feeling fed up, bored and frustrated are not bad feelings or emotions at all (albeit that it can feel very uncomfortable at times). It's not a bad place to be, and neither do theses feelings/ emotions (necessarily) lead to destructive acts, provided, and that's really the trick.... that we are open and honest with ourselves and with those around us, so that they know that all is not well for a little while. More importantly, I'd also add, provided that we make a concerted effort to understand what is going on and make the necessary changes, act on them, not abandon our thoughts, feelings and emotions - these are, after all, disguised "gifts" or opportunities for us to do what we need to do to improve our viewpoint of the world around us, to take on the challenges, to learn new things and do new (exciting??) things ...

So, picking up my glass of Van Lovern Merlot (aka a good South African red wine), here's to taking on new challenges and making changes!!! Cheers and I wish you well .....
Picture credit: Gena D Photography


Anonymous said...

Boredom - the feeling of being bored by something tedious,of being displeased and discontent.Boredom always result from overexposure to something!I agree with you that it can be good thing!... & that you can even learn to relax about it and enjoy it!

Gena said...

Hannelie thx 4 feedback - yep agree, it's one of those things - just take it in your stride! G

PeterGL said...

Hi Gena, you are an inspiration in a dry and dusty good to meet a self motivated are doing blessed and have a wonderful day. Cold and wet in Cape Town today, ideal for some soup...specially in Franschhoek coffee shoppe...mmmm, back to work now...P

Anonymous said...

Interesting concepts. Nice post!

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