Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa at Monte ....

santa's laundry... now I've seen it all!!!

gorgeous christmas trees

carol singers at last year's Montecasino "Carols by Candlelight"

beautifully lit piazza

Pictures taken Dec 2008 at Montecasino.   Gena D images


matt said...

Your timing is excellent! This year's Carols by Candlelight is happening tonight. I'm certainly not going to miss it!

Gena D said...

Hi!!! oh my goodness, of course! I just checked my diary, you are sooo right!!! should be fun!?

Emm said...

Ha! I used to love the underwear hanging at Monte! I really loved Monte and didn't think it distasteful or something we wouldn't want in the area but I heard some English people saying awful things about it today. I think Monte is upmarket and quite posh but fun!

Gena D said...

It's very well designed and laid out, in fact quite realistic in many ways. They extended (not sure if you know) and there is now an exquisite outdoor piazza - that area (where most of the pics were taken) is by far my favorite.
As for the washing hanging - well hate to say it, but that is what you see in the alleyways in Europe!?! I love how they "changed" it to cater for Santa's though!?!?

Tinsie said...

LOL @ Santa's laundry!!

Gena D said...

I thought it was very cleverly done by the centre creative team!! I love the eccentricity of it - guess Santa's allowed!

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