Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Wishing Well

The wishing well at Riviera on Vaal with a view of the river just beyond that.
to view a previous post on Riveira on Vaal, click here


BLOGitse said...

Are these your specialities, pictures from gardens?
This is very pretty again.
Like the on in the latest SSS.
You see - I can remember your picture! :)

Have a great day!

Ferreira-Pinto said...

Vaal is a fantastic location. This fountain is great, but the view from the balcony ... wow!

Just being a little busy with work and making template changes. Sorry for the abscence!

Gena D said...

Response to BLOGitse: Thanks so much for your visits and comments - always appreciated!!!
To answer your question, I did garden design for a few years, so am used to taking pictures in gardens, HOWEVER, South Africa has no shortage of beautiful gardens, as most properties are huge, the weather excellent, so I am not short of gardens/ flowers to photgraph.... also I do alot of walks, heritage excursions etc.etc. and my camera (nicknamed "my baby") goes with me everywhere .....

shopannies said...

very pretty I would love to sit and think here for a while

I am also following so i dont miss any greatness you post

Kiki said...

THis is so captivating! Gorgeous!

Coffeedoff said...

Beautiful photo!

Xavi said...

I want to come to South Africa, Gena.
There are wonderful things and I want to see live.
Gena, Thanks for showing these beautiful places!
I hope you have a nice day.
See you.


Spiderdama said...

What a nice place and I love the flowers too!:-)

J Bar said...

Good one.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

storyteller said...

Pretty gardens and lovely fountain ... perfect for Watery Wednesday.
Hugs and blessings,

luna miranda said...

enchanting garden! what a lovely spot.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

At this well, I wish
for health and strength and laughter
for friend and stranger.

Regina said...

A delightful scene.
Lovely shot!

eileeninmd said...

What a beautiful scene, I love the fountains. Great shot!

noel said...

aaaah, i would love to sit on a bench somewhere here and sit for a wouldn't happen to have a bottle of chardonnay open for us to share this scene today :)

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