Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Farm Dam

an old farm dam, Buccleuch, Johannesburg
One of the few farm dams still around the suburb, which is fast being developed.
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Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I so remember from my childhood swimming in a farm dam just like that. Looks so nice and lush there - I heard there's been plenty rain recently.

Firefly said...

Nice green and lush. Nothing like its down here in PE lately. Dry and brown.

Dimple said...

I have never seen this type of water storage before...very interesting!

Janet said...

A special place, filling my head with memories of my childhood, swimming in the farm dam on HOT, HOT Free State days!

Jo said...

Hi Gena;) that's so amazing in the middle of a suburb I know is built up. We called these the cement dam (sementdam) or the reservoir on my granddad's farm and we kids were allowed to swim in it on hot days. Have a wonderful day down in beautiful South Africa. Jo

Gena D said...

Hi Rob!
you made me smile!!!!
I always enjoy the feedback from expats .... it's always things like this dam that speak volumes ....
Yep we have had rain, rain and more rain ... glad I love rain, but even for me, it's getting a wee bit much!!!! anyway the postive side is that everything is lush and green!!!!
Take care

Gena D said...

Hi Jo, yes, thenks for the feedback ... it's more of a reservoir than a dam, I guess ...... but aren't they amazing ... I'm stuck in a groove about 30/40yrs back... hehe!
trust you are well on yr north african adventure

Gena D said...

Hi Janet,
in having a look at the comments, it's funny how this appealed to South Africans/ expats ... more than other people ..... and everyone who commented had a story to tell - gotta love it!!!
thanks for stopping by!
GEna @ Thinking Aloud

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