Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vintage Binoculars

a vintage pair of binoculars that I found in some thrift store a good many years ago ...
decided to do something with them ....

and here is the Sepia version
View more Sepia Scenes here

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Anonymous said...

Gena! that is a great find! Thrifting is such a great hobby, passtime, whatever you call it..i love hunting for treasures!

i love both versions too...but I'm partial to the black and white!

nice photo...

i'm hosting a drop in if you've got a sec...


Creative Carmelina

ciao bella

Firefly said...

I can see you...

I like the sepia version by the way.

Sherrie said...

Very nice. I like the sepia one best. Looks like they are very, very old. Have a great day!

A View of My Life

chasity said...

i REALLY like the black and white.
those binoculars are great and so are the old books.
great photo~~

Annie said...

The sepia photo sets just the right mood.

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