Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Signs from the Gen

a few of the signs from the Old Johannesburg Hospital precinct, taken during our
heritage walk there 10 days ago (see last week's posts for more fascinating
pictures and great detail).

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Greyscale Territory said...

Signs like these weathered ones certainly tell a story! Love the hospital sign with a missing "u"!
And those rusty signs are just beautiful!

Dianne said...

I find rust to be so beautiful and these signs are fabulous

cmiller said...

I love your photography, and how captured beauty in simple everyday signs is brilliant!

Tinsie said...

Very nice - I love signs :-)

Rebecca said...

Old signs make for such interesting subjects. I like the ones sporting some rust.

Firefly said...

I've come and gone from your part of the country, but unfortunately there wasn't much time to go and have a look at old Johannesburg. I wish there was, but it will have to stand over till another time, preferebly without the family who all want to do their own thing as well.

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