Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Horses of Florence Farm

 The beautiful horses of Florence Guest Farm ... captured during our trip to 
the region in May this year... the first three images, were captured early morning, 
whilst the "gent" below was trying to work himself free of the paddock 
(and he did too!!) 
The last 2 images were taken in late afternoon.  
See more images of the horses in Monday's post, as well as other images 
of the gorgeous Florence guest farm and Chrissiesmeer

Image(s) All Rights Reserved 
Copyright 2010 Gena D Images for thinking aloud


Firefly said...

Oh Gena, stop horsing around...

Rambling Woods said...

One of my longest online friendships of 15 years has been a wonderful woman from SA...These photos are stunning...just beautiful. Thank you so much for joining Nature Notes...Michelle...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful captures, especially the last 2 w/ that evening glow! Love it!

Arija said...

Love the last two shots Gina with the horses contentedly grazing in the rising mist encapsuled in the golden late afternoon light.

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