Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Beauty of Tulips

Still in a "spring" theme and sentiment, it's amazing how within a month the pin oak trees in our neighbourhood are totally covered with leaves..... I imagine, too that the northern hemisphere is ablaze with autumn colour, lots of burnt oranges and reds, (and I do feel for my friends and family who are about to enter their cold season). Anyway, now onto the abundantly bright topic of tulips ...

Tulips are one of those very graceful and exquisitely beautiful flowers, grown from a bulb, that come up in abundance in the early spring months. I'm comfortable with plants of all sorts, but bulbs in general give me the heebs, shall we say I am a bulb-o-phobic?! You see...I have yet to go there - tackle bulbs, that is. I find them fiddly, time consuming, fickle and tiresome. As a rule their flowers are spectacular, but short lived. This does not however, negate, the fact that I love to see a flower bed filled with them in spring - tulips or any other of the many gorgeous flowers grown from bulbs.

so in honour of the truly beautiful tulip, these are some of the pics recently taken in the gardens of the Sammy Marks Museum (South Africa).
Photo credits: Gena D Photography


Emm said...

*weeps* But, but, it's autumn here!

Gena said...

Sorry Emm, I feel for you, girl!

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