Friday, September 11, 2009

A List of things that make me happy 2.

A while back I attempted to compile a list of things that I love and things that truly make a difference in my life. Initially I thought this would be a daunting task, but once I got going it really wasn't that difficult. I am now going to add to that list and also wish to challenge my readers to compile their own list. Go on... even if it's 5 lines, try it, it's a great way to remember the good things in life.

Okay so here goes :

  • the smell of toast
  • the smell of freshly brewed coffee
  • a fresh (lemony) perfume
  • my wonderful dogs who make me smile every day
  • spending time with my ageing parents (listening to their amazing stories!)
  • a breeze on a very hot day.
  • ice cold orange juice on a hot day
  • beautiful art (in whatever form)
  • architectural detail (in old or new forms). In fact great attention to detail is amazing as it takes a huge amount of thought and attention (even if it's something that I personally wouldn't enjoy in my own space, I still appreciate the thought process ....
  • growing and picking herbs from my own garden and using them in our meals
  • hugs (okay so I'm a hugger!) giving and receiving
  • the seasonal changes in nature ..... which I avidly try to capture with my camera
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Photo Credit: Gena D Photography

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