Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Aloe (Flower)

These gorgeous Aloe flowers are at the end of their flowering season - this
 was a lucky find, one because you don't often see the yellow variety
(well I don't anyway) and these flower spikes show the more
advanced flowering phase, something we generally miss,
as at this stage the spring blooms, tend to be more interesting. 
As a bonus, I  managed to capture an ant (above), and a bee (image below) !!!

the bee was intentional, the ant? well just luck I guess

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Firefly said...

What is it about aloes and photos. They must be one of my favorite flowers to photograph doesn't matter if its up close ot as a whole from afar.

Life Moto said...

that is an amazing color you have captured. have a nice day!

justinegordon said...

stunning macros

Sandy said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Sandy From the Heart of Texas

ilovepink said...

This is my first time to encouter this kind of flower. Amazing Flowers!

Janet said...

Aloes are so pretty in their own way, and their medicinal properties ar wondrful! Just LOVE the addd nature shots, intentional or not! :)

Christina said...

Fabulous detail and beautiful color!

lisaschaos said...

Oh my the colors and lighting are simply gorgeous!!!

Tulsa Gentleman said...

They look like little bananas.

fini said...

Stunning shots!! I love every details of it, you are so good! :)

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