Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cupcakes... and more ....

Go on admit it... are these not the most beautiful cupcakes you have ever come across??
These gorgeous creations are made my Lindie of "The Bread Bin" - I met Lindie 
briefly whilst taking photographs at the recent Irene Kamersvol Geskenke event.
As I walked around, I was drawn to this stall, by the vibrant colour and texture, and a 
certain pretty lacy detail....

My curiosity piqued I hovered closer.    I could not believe the beauty of 
these cupcakes ....  In fact too beautiful to eat, I think ....the fine rose petal detail 
and vibrant colour, all simply displayed
on a cake stand and a wonderous lace covered "dome"nearby ...

and then to top it off, they also had an array of fresh breads, displayed in true 
European style - bread baskets and little chalk labels ....  
This stall completely filled my senses, and in fact for an instant, I felt transported 
away to another place, another time.  What bliss to photograph.   
Wishing you all the best Lindie and Johann

Lindie and Johan of the "The Bread Bin" can be contacted at

Previous posts on this event here and here
and a full photographic "journal" over here

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Firefly said...

Those cupcakes look too nice to eat.

Janet said...

They are exquisite Gena! So pretty, can imagine a cake stand full - yum!

Míriam Luiza said...

Lindas e apetitosas tentações!

Rose said...

Much too yummy on the eye to eat them you are right. Beautifully photographed as well :))

Dillon Gray said...

a true food artist, I always wonder how much effort goes into creating these cakes

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