Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rooms Full of Gifts

Kamersvol Geskenke started it's adventurous journey about 8 years ago, with a focus on handmade, art and crafts and enabling people to 
come together to sell their wares to the public.   This is now an annual event in the Cape.  
This year, Kamersvol Geskenke (translates Rooms Full of Gifts) had it's Gauteng debut  event in Irene, a few weeks back.    
They opened their doors, and no sooner than they did, were they overwhelmed with people.   I had made arrangements 
to go through and enjoy the sights and sounds, but also hoping to capture images of the detail, the vibe, the look and feel of this awesome event.  
Quieter is was, but the vibe was still very apparent.
Let's set the scene ... a gorgeous property with loads of texture (cement, stone, metal, glass), a wild indigenous garden, 
loads of handmade artefacts and other goodies on display throughout (indoor and outdoor), wonderful music, wine tasting, 
cupcakes,  coffee..... Okay - you get the picture?    
I have  always adored handmade items, crafts and things with an old world, vintage feel.  It appears that  I have 
quite a nostalgic side to me.    To top that I adore texture, pattern, colour .... Well needless to say I was in my element - everywhere
I looked there was something else to see, to touch, to enjoy .... oh and by the way, loads of really friendly people too!!!      
The vendors really excelled at creating and displaying their wares....    All in all it was a resoudning success leaving the local people wanting more.  
 I look forward to next year's event ..... In the meantime,  I will be blogging about some of the vendors that I interacted with ..... so watch this space!
as well as the link to their website :

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Firefly said...

It is amazing what you stumble apon at Christmas markets like this.

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