Saturday, December 11, 2010

On the road ... again ....

 We're on the road again... well not literally.  I was recently writing a post about time - 
that fact that at this time of year it appears to be such a "big issue" - I have a few 
perspectives on that thought, but that's for another post.   
 The reason time came up, was that in looking thru my archives (in fact whilst 
"cleaning" out),  I came across a folder with photos taken from a road/ country trip we 
did exactly a year ago (you see, I told you time flies!!).   As I've not blogged or posted
much about this trip and since there are some really scenic shots, I decided, now is as 
good a time as any.....
So, we were on the road to Nelspruit (a main town in the Eastern Transvaal, now called
Mpumalanga) and the largest town before heading out to Mozambique.   These pics 
were of our first stop on the way to Nelspruit, at Milly's just outside Machadodorp.   The
area is renowned for it's trout  and trout fishing, and it's truly gorgeous, so Milly's was 
the place we chose to stop at.   The picture above and below give a very good idea of 
what the surrounds look like ....
 Blue skies, rolling hills of green, lots of water .... to top it off a wonderful mud house 
and nguni cattle - this has got to be one of my favorite pictures of rural south africa .....
 after lunch we continued onto our destination and stopped by an old friend for coffee.  He happens to live high up on a hill, and these two images
are some of the wonderful views he enjoys on a daly basis.   There was a storm coming in so clarity was not at it's best.  Still scenic nevertheless.....
WelI I hope you enjoyed that ... I'll be posting more of this trip over the forthcoming weeks .....

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Tracy said...

Wow, those are breathtaking views.

Rose said...

Wonderful pictures indeed looking forward to the rest of them Gena:))

Anonymous said...

Wide views and lots of fresh air by the looks of it.
Having coffee with a friend who lives high up is an experience I have never had.

EG Wow said...

The countryside is very lush looking! Very beautiful.

Firefly said...

This is the time of year for road trips indeed.

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